Kris 101

8 08 2009

So it begins. My incursion into this world of personal blogs. Don’t get me wrong. I have been blogging or “micro-blogging” or dropping an opinion here and there, like a dog in the public park with gastrointestinal issues from the table food he ate last night but with an owner who does not have the proverbial pooper-scooper. So evidence for me has been found in one place or another on this web that claims world-wideness, and it has been considered by some optimists as a blessing to mother earth, by others a repulsive thing to discover on your shoe, and still by others as proof that I should not be given spicy food.

Anyway, some who know me think of me as an artist of sorts. After all, I am a “worship ARTS” pastor. Still, as long as I can remember, I have been analytical, logical, and left-brained. Theologically, I hate formulas and pat answers and vocally pronounce my deep infatuation to “mystery,” which is I’m sure part of my overall strategy (along with not ironing and untucking my shirt) to make people think I’m post-modern (or whatever term they’re using now for people 15 years younger than me). However, I must admit that my eyes often wander and linger a little too long on that alluring mistress of formulas and equations. After all, she IS quite well put together, and mystery is often quite a vexing woman to build a long-term relationship with.

Even now, as I write this sentence, my brain is arguing over the fact I just ended a sentence with a preposition. Grammar rules and artistic license in the matrix, battling each other fiercely with martial arts moves in mid-air and still managing to keep on their sunglasses while traveling through time in a phone booth to keep a bus driven by Patrick Swayze in a Nixon mask from slowing down and exploding. Then I’m told none of that really happened because it’s not a REAL world, this brain of mine, this world I’m in. I’ve just been trapped here temporarily and convinced this is reality by my senses and my obsession with Keanu Reeves.

You see my issues. They are significant and numerous. And I’m raising kids.

As always, leave a comment or some word of advice. I need the group therapy.




10 responses

8 08 2009

Well this should be interesting.

8 08 2009
Joel Bullock

it’s cool that you’re opening yourself up like this kris. looking forward to your musings!

8 08 2009

My only comment…This is exactly what the world needs, well this and more coconut pie…and perhaps a little more David Tennant as the Doctor. Thanks for doing your part.

8 08 2009

I am here to serve (Jesus said so).

8 08 2009

Excellent! Looking forward to more your signature saracasm and intellect all rolled into a neat little blog entry. Thanks for the link, by the way!

8 08 2009

It is my belief that, like losing one’s salvation (oh, I went there), ending a sentence with a preposition is an impossibility. A “preposition” isn’t a preposition without an object, so there’s just no way to end a sentence with one. The “preposition” simply becomes an adverb.

I’m still waiting on the rest of this so-called “civilized” society to catch up with my groundbreaking grammatical research.

10 08 2009

Hey! I really like your rules of grammar!

10 08 2009

The ones I follow or the ones I ignore? Or the ones I expect other people to follow while I ignore them?

8 08 2009
Bradley McGuffey

The 3rd blog in a month I have decided to attempt to follow. We’ll see how well I keep this up, but maybe my hero will keep his new blog interesting and compelling of my time. Don’t let me down, Sir. =-)

10 08 2009

I will do my best to accommodate you. I’m a giver.

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