Kris Bio PhotoI am the husband of Ashley for more years than anybody ever gave a chance. I am the father to 3 gooberistic creatures known as boys that daily both torment me and remind me why life is worth living. I am a Worship Arts Pastor, but don’t hold that against me.

Generally, I am introverted, leading to descriptions such as “snobby, aloof, unfriendly.” Generally, I do not challenge those descriptions because those who would label me without understanding me are those I don’t want to be around anyway.

I am analytical by nature, an “artist” in my dreams, a lifetime learner, a thinker-before-speaker, a hater of much small talk, a lover of theological discourse, a 15(ish) handicap golfer, a melancholy phlegmatic (or so I’m told), a despiser of personality assessment tests, a Libertarian soul, a “you-shouldn’t-be-dressing- like-that-at-your-age” dude, a secret coveter of cool tattoos, a deep-fearer of tattoo regret, a passion looking for a target, a searcher for truth, a slacker of acting on it, a simple guy, a complicated soul, oh…and pizza’s pretty awesome.


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